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Spring Scramble Scavenger Hunt

Event Date:

Thursday, April 6 — Sunday, April 9 at 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Gather a group of friends for a little fun in the sun with a self-guided scavenger hunt throughout Historic Oakland Cemetery!

The Spring Scramble will take place on Thursday, April 6 through Sunday, April 9. No reservations are required to participate, simply purchase your Spring Scramble packet (1 per team) at the Visitors Center & Museum Shop (open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the weekend) and follow cryptic clues to solve riddles. 

Looking for a Spring Break activity for the whole family? We will also offer a kid-friendly scavenger hunt for sale. Just ask for the Junior Spring Scramble packet at the Visitors Center & Museum Shop.

The Spring Scramble and Junior Spring Scramble packets include one (1) self-guided tour map ($5 value) that can be used on return visits. All proceeds from the Spring Scramble benefit Historic Oakland Foundation’s mission to preserve, restore, enhance, and share Oakland Cemetery. Spring Scramble packets can only be purchased April 6-9.

Teams who get all the answers correct will be entered into a drawing for select prizes. To be eligible to win, completed answer sheets must be returned to the Visitors Center by 8 p.m. on Sunday, April 9. Answer sheets can also be scanned an e-mailed by 10 p.m. on April 9. 

Be sure to complete the contact form in your Spring Scramble or Junior Spring Scramble packet to ensure you’ll be contacted if you win!

Cost: $20 per packet (HOF Members receive a 10% discount)


Adult Winning Teams:
4 tickets to Malts & Vaults of Oakland: Where Beer Meets History (any 2017 date of team’s choosing)
4 tickets to Love Stories of Oakland (any 2017 date of team’s choosing)
2 tickets to Capturing the Spirit of Oakland Halloween Tours (any 2017 date of team’s choosing)

Junior Spring Scramble Winning Teams:
4 tickets to Capturing the Spirit of Halloween Tours (any 2017 date of team’s choosing)
Oakland Cemetery Prize Pack

Spring Scramble Answer Key:

Bell Tower Ridge
1. Marsh
2. Gray
3. Reid Benson
4. Quinn Garmel
5. Gaskill
6. Fagan
7. Claude Buchanan Jr.
8. Rev. Benjamin Andres

Greenhouse Valley
1. Deihl
2. Robinson
3. Winburn
4. Krouse
5. Sarah Avary Evans
6. Hastings
7. T.E. Veal
8. Thomas Jefferson Boyd

Jewish Flat and Jewish Hill
1. Wasser
2. Solomon
3. Morris Hirsch
4. Jacobs
5. D.S. Kramer
6. 1906
7. Savannah
8. Doolittle

Congratulations to our winners!
4 tickets to Malts and Vaults – Lauren O., John O., and Nicholas
4 tickets to Love Stories – Susan R. and Tom D.
2 tickets to Halloween – Katey S. and Jonathan H.

Junior Spring Scramble Answer Key

1.       Mary Marsh Crankshaw
2.       Frances Gray Yankey
3.       Foy
4.       James Hardee Elliott
5.       Diamond Edwards
6.       May
7.       David and Esther Meyerhardt
8.       Strauss
9.       Joseph Wing
10.   1900
11.   William Kuhns
12.   Kontz Monument

We did not have any Junior Spring Scramble teams answer all of the questions correctly, but there will be another chance to win this fall during the Harvest Hunt! Stay tuned for details.