Pavers before restoration work.

Pavers before restoration work.

Like many neighborhoods in and around Atlanta, in Historic Oakland Cemetery you will find sidewalks laid with 18″ hexagonal pavers. A popular vernacular material in the early 20th century, Oakland’s paver sidewalks are now in a state of disrepair. Combinations of vehicles parking on them, tree roots, and simply settling over time have damaged nearly all of the 8,000+ square feet we have here.

Lining the streets in the Bobby Jones section, Original Six Acres, Old Jewish Burial Grounds, Confederate section, Jewish Flats and Hill, and Rogers Hill areas of the cemetery, Oakland’s hexagonal pavers are a bit of a microcosm of their connectivity outside the cemetery’s walls. They tie together the “neighborhoods” within Oakland just as they connect Atlanta’s neighborhoods.

We decided that for the safety of our visitors and for aesthetic and historic purposes we needed to restore our hexagonal paver sidewalks. With approval from the Atlanta Urban Design Commission the Preservation, Restoration, and Operations (PRO) Team moved forward.
Pavers after restoration work.

Pavers after restoration work.

We selected a locally produced and custom-colored paver to match our original ones. The City of Atlanta graciously agreed to provide a portion of the funding that we (HOF) matched, and with some additional funding we have raised about $40,000 of the $70,000 needed to complete the project. The fruits of our labor can be seen right now along the Memorial Drive pedestrian entrance, and the new pavers look great! We’re reusing those historic pavers that we were able to salvage, too, by reinstalling them at one of our prominent intersections. We need help from our neighbors to complete this important project. If the historic fabric of our City and of Oakland Cemetery is important to you, please consider donating!

We hope that neighborhoods with these pavers will take note of our project and see that it’s not as difficult as they think to restore their sidewalks, and with proper grading and base preparation they can be just as stable and long-lasting as concrete. Reach out to for advice!


Make your neighborhood park a safer, more beautiful place!

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.52.53 PMThis project will benefit our neighbors, visitors from out of town, and patrons to the many wonderful businesses in the vicinity of Oakland who often find themselves wandering through the cemetery. The primary impact area of the project is along the road at our Memorial Drive entrance, directly across from The Jane. The restored pavers will also take guests past the Confederate, Bobby Jones, Jewish Flats, Jewish Hill, and Rogers Hill sections all the way towards the east wall on Boulevard. In 2015 Historic Oakland Foundation began restoring the over 8,000 square feet of 18” hexagonal pavers, a historic material also found throughout many of Atlanta’s early neighborhoods. The impetus for this project was twofold: first, the broken, unstable condition of the walkways was unsafe for visitors, and second, we felt it was important to restore such a significant vernacular building material the right way.

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