Tree Care Fund


Oak trees are the cemetery’s signature namesake.

Beyond celebrating and honoring the residents at Oakland Cemetery is another story: the lives and history of the trees that provide the foundation for the natural beauty that makes Oakland special. Some of the large specimen canopy trees are over 100 years old and are recognized as an irreplaceable and integral part of the cemetery. Although no tree will last forever, Historic Oakland Foundation believes it is fundamentally important to preserve these trees as long as possible while keeping them safe, healthy, and beautiful.

Sadly, Oakland’s mature trees are suffering and are in desperate need of care to preserve them for environmental benefits and for the next generation of visitors. Several years of drought, urban conditions, and neglect have compounded the effects of time, and we are seeing alarming signs of excessive decline.

In their current state, the trees present a serious threat from falling or breakage that could result in irreparable damage to monuments or even tragic personal injury or accident to the visitors who come to experience this historic landmark.  It is our desire to give each tree the appropriate care needed to survive and grace the grounds for its full life expectancy.

Historic Oakland Foundation is seeking $60,000 in 2017 to implement a critical tree care plan to stabilize and care for the hundreds of trees in our 48-acre park. Please consider a contribution toward this effort so that Atlanta’s history can live on through our landscape.

You can make a financial contribution to the restoration project in person at Oakland Cemetery’s Visitors Center & Museum Shop, located at the Bell Tower. Or donate online by clicking here. On the online donation page, be sure to select “Tree Care Fund” from the designation drop-down menu.